Meet The band

Welcome to the vibrant soundscape of Tamarack Ridge Band, an acclaimed musical force hailing from the scenic North Idaho region. With a blend of Country, Rock, and a touch of everything in between, Tamarack Ridge Band has firmly established itself as a dynamic and versatile musical powerhouse. This multi-talented ensemble promises a musical journey that is engaging, entertaining, and, above all, downright fun.

Meet the artisans behind the sound:

Debbi Hahn - Violin/Tambourine:

The enchantress of strings and rhythms, Debbi Hahn weaves magic with her violin and tambourine. Her energetic presence infuses every note with a spark that ignites the stage.

Kent Nelson - Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals:

The maestro of strings, Kent Nelson’s lead guitar work is a testament to both technical brilliance and emotional depth leading Tamarack Ridge Band's auditory journey that transcends genres

Lynette Cheri' - Lead Vocals/Backup Vocals:

Fronting the ensemble with grace and power, Lynette Cheri' is the vocal powerhouse of Tamarack Ridge Band. Her lead vocals soar with emotion, while her harmonies intertwine seamlessly, creating a rich and immersive musical experience.

Rico Gallarza - Drums/Lead and Backup Vocals:

Rico Gallarza is the rhythmic heartbeat of the band. Behind the drum kit, he orchestrates a rhythmic symphony that sets the stage ablaze. Beyond his drumming prowess, Rico's lead and backup vocals contribute to the rich vocal tapestry that defines the band's dynamic performances.

Ken Dietz - Bass:

Ken's fingers dance effortlessly on the bass strings, creating a foundation that anchors the band's sound. His rhythmic precision and melodic sensibilities contribute to the band's signature style, making each performance a captivating journey.

Tamarack Ridge Band's music is a delightful blend of Country, Rock, and everything in between. Beyond their musical prowess, the band is renowned for creating an engaging, entertaining, and downright fun atmosphere at every performance.

As multi-award winners, Tamarack Ridge Band invites you to join them on a musical escapade. Whether you're drawn to the mesmerizing melodies, the infectious rhythms, or the sheer joy emanating from the stage, one thing is certain — Tamarack Ridge Band delivers a musical experience that's as thrilling as it is fun. So, buckle up for a wild ride where Country meets Rock, and every performance is a celebration of life, laughter, and the universal language of music!